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Chandravamsha The Timeless Stories of Dharma

Author Name: Manjunath Dattatreya | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Stories of Indian mythology are dominated by events from two parallel Kshatriya clans – Suryavamsha and Chandravamsha. Chandravamsha highlights the struggles of various characters and how they coped with Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha across the four Yuga chakras. The book covers various intriguing stories such as the elopement of Tara with Chandra, Pururavas – the first king of Chandravamsha, the rise and fall of Nahusha, ego battles of Yayati, Devayani, Sharmishta and the travails of Parashurama. The book then explores important events from the Dwapara Yuga such as stories from the Yadava clan, lessons Pandavas learnt during the Vana Parva, interesting war strategies and dilemmas related to Dharma in the battle of Kurukshetra. The book finally ends with stories from the Kaliyuga such as Pareekshith’s tryst with Kali, Janamejaya’s fire sacrifice and how Astika saved the Nagas from extermination.

Stories from Chandravamsha are non-linear and nested like the Russian Matryoshka dolls where you will find stories within stories and the nesting can go on endlessly. Every effort is made to ensure that the nesting does not derail from the main narrative. The points to ponder section kindles the curious mind and allows the reader to form their own conclusions on contentious matters.

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Manjunath Dattatreya

Manjunath Dattatreya is an enthusiast of world history and mythology. His earlier work, Suryavamsha was a huge success both in India and abroad. Chandravamsha, his latest release is an epic that examines the intricacies of Dharma across various Yugas. 

Manjunath has served in the various top management roles specialising in Corporate Strategy, Organizational Design and Business Transformation, Leadership Development, Mergers and Acquisitions across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific regions. He is an alumni of St Joseph’s Indian High School, Bangalore  and MIT Sloan School of Management, Boston, USA. 

Manjunath is also an executive coach and a career counsellor.