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Colorless Canvas Anthology

Author Name: Lafictioner | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Pen bleeds emotion when scratched with million thoughts and 52 alphabets. 
Usually, the blurb of a book is what makes the most impact on the buyers. It is said that a book of such nature should be talkative. It must express most of the book on the cover. However, at Lafictioner we have a different ideology. We believe that a blurb should give the reader a reason to buy the book. 
Colorless Canvas is an anthology by two young poets. They don’t harness the power of vocabulary, they don't know the ethics of writing. But they bleed emotions. Poets in their teenage are most expressive, they are sensitive and so is the book. 
We welcome you on the voyage of thoughts and ask you to paint your own emotion on the colorless canvas.

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Tanya Soni.

Tanya Soni is a teen writer and learning enthusiast from Telangana. She is inquisitive, imaginative and believes in giving her time to improve her skills. Her works are not restricted to a particular genre and never fail to impress the readers. Some of her admirable pomes are present in this publication "COLOURLESS CANVAS '' hope you enjoy giving it a read. She loves to interact with her readers via her Instagram @aze_al.

Lakshmi Jahnavi.

Lakshmi Jahnavi is a determined courageous teen writer. Writing is not just an escape but her passion. Started writing since 12, to date finished 250+ writeups on vivid topics. She believes that writing is an art of the heart. Her pen is just the means of communicating her emotions. Her writings are a waterfall of consciousness flowing with pebbles of emotions and life experiences.