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Come, plan my wedding

by Dr. Deepali Nandwani

Format: Paperback

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Wedding planner Nikita is roped in by tycoon Raahil Shourie to plan his wedding at his villa in Goa. But Raahil flirts with her outrageously, making Nikita want to back out of her contract. Her partner in the business, her brother Nikhil, is happy about the publicity that this wedding is generating for their business. So Nikita decides not to rock the boat and stays on to plan the wedding.

Enter Raahil’s fiancé Angelina, who is rude, obnoxious and obviously spoilt. Nikita by now is confused by her feelings for Raahil. She wants to quickly finish the job and move on…

Life however, has other plans for her..


Come, plan my wedding



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