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Cosmo-fri-ship No end to a friENDship

Author Name: Kshitij Mathur | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

Do you really think Dhruv is the one and only electron always revolving around Nitin? If not, he surely is going in circles, hoping to find the era of brotherhood. Old times or new ones, battles are held, someone loses and someone wins. There is no enemy but a battle with best friends. Is there a winner or who is the looser? When he moved to hostel, if only he had known that the turn he was going to take would change the whole radius! Though a blind spot is coming next, he may collide or may not…

—————————————————————————————⚠️- Friend breaks ahead

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Kshitij Mathur

Kshitij Mathur was born on April 24, 2003, in the town of Sawai Madhopur and was raised by his parents along with two elder sisters. He completed his secondary education in Fateh Public School.

Even though he’s a science student, literature runs in his veins since childhood. His mother is a Hindi and Sanskrit teacher. Inspired by her from a very young age, he started writing his first book in March 2020, with a motto to spread awareness about the true sense of friendship. 

He is stubborn about his friends, yet there is more to him than that. He can be fierce yet gentle. Further, he doesn’t like being pushed and has strong opinions. There is no task or challenge that is too big for him. He has endless reserve of tenacity, patience and resilience. Like the tide on a shore, he keeps coming back to any task or person he has committed himself to. 

He also reveres the material world and enjoys the possible luxuries offered to human life. Someone who is driving on an inclined road, and yet does not say a word when he feels tired and wishes to take rest, because he has to take his dear one sleeping in the back seat to his destination, driving very smoothly and on time. This is a perfect example of Kshitij being himself. He is not flawless, no one is, but he surely is on the path leading to perfection.