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CRAM NO MORE Accelerate Your Learning

Author Name: Dinesh Nair | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

What if you could breeze through your exams in an effortless and interesting manner?

What if you could take the pain out of your studies and make learning a truly enjoyable experience?

CRAM NO MORE is the perfect answer to the above questions. 

When high school student Joe fails in his exam, the fear of his father’s anger leaves him terrified. He turns to Uncle Jerry, a kind and experienced teacher and mentor known for his wisdom and exceptional teaching skills.

Read on to unravel the strategies and techniques outlined in this brilliant book.

A snapshot of what you get inside: Strategies to

ü  Choose empowering beliefs, values and attitudes and habits

ü  Adopt a positive mindset and control your emotions better

ü  Cultivate and reinforce positive habits

ü  Demonstrate appropriate behaviours

ü  Achieve better grades effortlessly and consistently 

The techniques illustrated in CRAM NO MORE redefine present paradigms and they help in creating the best version of yourself.

“Whether its students who wish to adopt best student practices, teachers who aspire to coach and guide students, or parents who wish to show the right path to their children, this powerful guide serves as a strategic tool to one and all.” – KV Atriya, Educationalist and Expert in School Management.


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Dinesh Nair

Dinesh Nair is a passionate student of life, and he tries to understand human behaviour from different perceptual positions. Though he has been involved in people interactions for over two decades as a professional, he is still amazed at the unpredictable nature of human behaviour that makes life so fascinating and worth studying. 

He draws his inspiration from hundreds of great luminaries who have contributed immensely to humankind in various ways. He is especially indebted to Dr. Richard Bandler, Dr. Mike Mandel, and Antony Robbins whose commitment to transforming human life for their better is unparalleled. 

He credits the universe for all the blessings that he has received, and he owes his success to the thousands of wonderful people who have given him an opportunity to make a difference in their lives. His passion for creating positive change in people is reflected in the way he connects with them, and he lends a helping hand to one and all, ever so willing to contribute with his knowledge, in every possible way.  

He uses all his experience and also his knowledge of NLP that he acquired from Dr. Richard Bandler in London, during his interactions with students, teachers, principals, corporate employees and other clients. He encourages them to look at life’s challenges with a different set of lens so that they get better and favourable perspectives while dealing with them.