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Crush Like Love

by Neelkanth Matliwala

Format: Paperback

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Crush Like love is a romantic journey of a boy Nikhil along with his friends Aditya and Siddharth set in the backdrop of three cities; Surat, Nagpur and Mumbai. Nikhil from being a teen to an adult encounters many affairs in his life before understanding the true meaning of the word Love.

Nikhil meets Naina in his teenage who loved him unconditionally since day one when she first saw him. Nikhil begins his first relationship with Naina without really knowing if he loved her at all. He lusted her while she loved him.

He moves to Nagpur to pursue his dream of becoming an engineer where he flirts with Shalini, a divorced woman who is his neighbour and also his only companion in the city full of strangers to him. They share an intimate night together and Shalini falls for him but Nikhil had other ideas in his mind.

He shifts back to his hometown and comes across Riddhima, his best friend’s cousin sister and realizes the true meaning of the word love but he has to pass through Siddharth, his best friend in order to have Riddhima in his life in which he succeeds after few hiccups. Nikhil was on cloud 9 and his life was full of contentment; but he constitutes a deplorable mistake and Riddhima had no other option but to leave Nikhil on his own.

Will Riddhima ever come back in his life or will he be left alone and get back the dose of his own medicine which he gave to Naina and Shalini?

Neelkanth Matliwala was born in Surat, Gujarat in 1990. A 23 year old, graduated from NIT-Surat with a Master’s Degree in Chemistry in 2012 and is currently working in his own Chemical manufacturing firm as a trainee. His love and passion for writing has been since he was 15 when he used to write short stories which he distributed among his friends. Apart from reading and writing he has a keen interest in Cricket like every other Indian. Plus music is an art which no man can ignore and he is no exception. He listens to slow music after a hard day out in the mean full world. Crush Like Love is his debut novel which is a mixture of fiction and some true incidents in his life. To know more about him, find him on

Facebook at nmatliwala@facebook.com



Crush Like Love





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