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by Ashok Pal

Format: Paperback

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For some, he was a four-legged animal while for others; he was a dog without a tail. For most people, he was a man who walked with the help of crutches. But for himself, he was a “Crutchman” whose extraordinary power was his “will power”. Welcome to the world of Akash – who, in spite of his disability, strives hard with the help of his two friends, Darsh and Nakul to create his own destiny.

Darsh had fallen for a girl whom he had met on a blind date while Nakul’s eyes were set on a married woman. Although each one of them had their own issues to deal with, their viewpoint towards one thing was common: and that was finding a JOB – which they believed stood for ‘Joker of Boss’.

Will their crazy business ideas help them conquer the world? Or will they succumb to the pressure of betrayal, corruption and hardship that comes their way while chasing their dreams?

Ashok Pal prefers to fail in the process of converting his dreams into reality rather than taking his ideas to the graveyard.

During his childhood, he always dreamed of opening the innings along with Sachin Tendulkar for the Indian cricket Team. But his plans were cut short as he was struck with polio. That didn’t deter his passion towards sports, nevertheless. The cricket bat was replaced with a Table Tennis racket as time passed by.

Once again, his hope is rekindled as he dreams of winning gold medal at the Paralympic games for India.

He can be contacted at ashokpal246@gmail.com








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