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Crystals of Tears

Author Name: Khushi Arora | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

“The only thing certain is uncertainty.” - John Allen

Crystals of Tears is a collection of poems that focuses on the unsung yet the toughest battles that are fought with oneself as a teen. It is the experiences of life that connects us and at the same time makes us stand apart as individuals. Teenage life brings along a maddening chaos of emotions but it is about how we let our perception towards these emotions evolve with time. This book is about how none of us are alone in this. Growing up in this era drags us out of our fairytales into harsh and unexpected realities. The poems share the evolving of a teenage girl into a better version of herself amidst uncertainty in love and the self. 

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Khushi Arora

Khushi Arora is a teenage girl with immense enthusiasm and passion towards writing. Her curiosity and keenness to have a deeper knowledge about every action or phenomena around her helps her write from varied perspectives. She is a person with a positive outlook and tries to inculcate a learning from every failure or shortcoming she faces. Therefore, each of her poems send out a message to look at the brighter side of life. Emotions and opinions of painful encounters are channelized towards positivity in the form of the poetry book Crystals of Tears.