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Dating & Marriage Diaries in Urban India A No-Nonsense Guide to Finding your Perfect Partner

by Sahil Thaker

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Everyone wishes for a loving, caring, attractive and perfect spouse. However the ground reality of finding such a spouse is very different. This book lays down certain facts before the reader in a simple, straightforward and a no nonsense manner. Read this book and make better decisions on dating and marriage today.

Well researched and backed by hard evidenceThe critical role of money in any relationshipThe role caste and horoscope matching plays in marriage decisions in IndiaWhy physical beauty is not everythingHow one should stop getting bothered by one’s dark or dusky complexion and start feeling better about oneself by investing in fitness and groomingWhy habits such as smoking, drugs and excessive drinking can be far more destructive to your dating and married life than you thinkHow you can think logically and rationally when it comes to choosing a spouseThe devastating effects of dowry on Indian women and societyOver 30 practical and life changing tips on dating and marriage

Sahil Thaker is a qualified engineer and a writer by choice. He was born and raised in Mumbai and has lived in the United States of America for about six years.

The author’s debut work was Dating & Marriage Diaries in Urban India – A No-Nonsense Guide to Finding your Perfect Partner.

A Consented Rape is his second book and his first work of fiction.

His interests include fitness, travelling, reading, and trying out new cuisines.



Dating & Marriage Diaries in Urban India





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