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Day to Day Smart Calender With Child Friendly Mini Magnifying Lens

Author Name: Verina Nainani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

This book is a burst of fun facts, riddles, jokes and behavior tips for kids. The magnifying lens adds a twist of fun and suspense to the learning! Find the stars on pages and learn lots of exciting information and have fun all year long.

Teachers and parents can be involved in the book. Adults who still enjoy learning, will also enjoy this book! Remember to share the fun facts with someone else to brighten up their day and most importantly have fun while you are learning!

Paperback 1600

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Verina Nainani

The author is of Indian origin, born and brought up in a cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong. She is an English educator for children and has always been passionate about working with them and exploring new avenues and opportunities.

She has been in a wheelchair for nine years, as she is going through a health condition which hasn’t hampered her zest and energy to enjoy life. She finds her happiness in making those around her happy. She has an attitude of gratitude and takes pride in her family and friends.

She is able to speak a handful of languages, which she learnt through interacting with those that are part of her life. She has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and is a qualified Kindergarten teacher, where she received an award for her outstanding teaching experience. She enjoys interacting with kids from different backgrounds and feels they bring out the child and happiness within.

She has never let her health condition shape her attitude and interaction with people. She feels life has its challenges but overall it is all about your attitude. She feels life is great and full of learning.