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Days of Rolling Weeds and Nights of Fireflies A story of lost days

by Shyamadas Mallick

Format: Paperback

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A hundred years ago, a boy and his companion are left in the dark and dense wilderness. The drought animals refuse to move but despite all that their owners do. Are they jinxed? Soon, the face of the danger is revealed. The unveiling reveals what Kali never expected.

The twins said, “Kali, this is not bad! We have seen brother doing this!”

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Shyamadas Mallick was born in British India, during the 1940s. He is a widely travelled person, having visited places both inside and outside India. All his writings, as is the present one, originate from his experiences.

He is the author of many published research papers relating to administrative innovations and reforms. He writes both, in English and in vernacular languages. The author believes that the zeitgeist does not necessarily contradict modern values and expects all generations to leave their impressions for the next generation.

A lover of rural India, he frequently escapes to rural areas, leaving Kolkata behind, to interact with the people in villages. Besides two books, many of his travelogues have been published in various magazines. He is married and has a daughter and a son.



Days of Rolling Weeds and Nights of Fireflies





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