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Days of Rolling Weeds and Nights of Fireflies A story of lost days

by Shyamadas Mallick

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

A hundred years ago, a boy and his companion are left in the dark and dense wilderness. The drought animals refuse to move but despite all that their owners do. Are they jinxed? Soon, the face of the danger is revealed. The unveiling reveals what Kali never expected.

The twins said, “Kali, this is not bad! We have seen brother doing this!”

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Shyamadas Mallick born during the colonial regime remembers his childhood days and that era vividly when he writes .This lends a unique taste and strength to his writing not generally tried at modern times. This creative past is felt in the first book of his Kali trilogy, titled The Days of Rolling Weeds and Nights of Fireflies, to which, the present title, The Whistle and The Hummingbirds is a sequel. He has a Masters in English literature with a background of All India Service. His words are born out of his experience and emotion with relation to the past and the present. The author, in both the books, is as humorous as, the situations are hilarious.



Days of Rolling Weeds and Nights of Fireflies





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