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Dear Bohemian Man

by Subi Taba

Format: Paperback

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We humans are all words. We long to have conversations. Tell stories about ourselves. Many memories creep up inside our hearts during our silent days and nights. My poems are the small stories I want to tell you. I have written them down so that you remember my words. These are actually talks I had done in your absence enveloped in my loneliness. And you must be somewhere, travelling, sitting or thinking; but if you have a moment, just stop by and read this. Because I wrote this for you. And this book is incomplete without you reading it.

Subi Taba was born in Arunachal Pradesh. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Horticulture in Assam Agricultural University. She has a great love for literature and aspires to be an acclaimed writer. This is her debut book. She loves travelling, singing and dancing. She was adjudged Miss North East 1st Runner up in 2013.



Dear Bohemian Man





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