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DESPERATION QUOTIENT It’s about the fire in your belly

Author Name: ANIL RAO KULKARNI | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

You are working really hard but you are still not successful in sales? Desperation Quotient [ DQ ] will guide the sales professionals to analyze, understand and make a course correction to bring the best out of their performance. Use DQ methods to understand the fundamentals of how to measure sales performance and the potential of sales professionals. With the importance of constant and never-ending personal improvement in mind, I have put together some sales management tips that are sure to improve your effort and capabilities that help you achieve Optimum DQ (ODQ). A sales professional has a high potential to make or break a brand, besides their career. Sales profession can be challenging if not understood and organized correctly. Therefore, it’s important to know where you stand what needs to be done to achieve success. 

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You are no one until you become some one, and that highly depends on who you work with. I was lucky to have worked with extraordinary professionals across different countries including India, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Australia, UK and the USA.

I strongly believe that “You become what your manager is”. I am saying this from my own 20 long years of work experience. You learn so much from your managers, they make a strong influence on your career. In my case, my managers’ influence has been 100%. I owe this book, this knowledge and the experience to all my managers and influencers.

I am 44 years old this year. Although I think I have another 20 years to go in that direction but I don’t really know what the future has in it for me. In these last 20 years, I had opportunities to setup two new businesses almost from the scratch and the setup fresh teams for them. What you learn on the field can’t be learnt anywhere else. My key take-away from these years of experience is that no matter how intelligent you are, if you don’t have the fire in the belly you will not succeed. I moved from one role to another not because I applied for these jobs but because my employers realized the fire in my belly and offered me bigger and better opportunities. Long time ago, I realized that only shortcut to the success is ‘hard-work’. 

I was 15 years old when people around me told me that I am designed for a ‘marketing’ profession. That persistent feedback from various quarters stayed in my subconscious mind. Probably that’s why I ended up into Sales & Marketing profession after few years of software programming and technology consulting profession.