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Diet & Meditation for Emotional Eating Awaken the Master Inside with Spiritual Science and Food Science

Author Name: V. Gayathri | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

The modern world is after quick solutions. When Keto and crash diets are the flavour of the season, this book proposes a sustainable and fulfilling method of lifestyle modification. Subtle changes in family meals and food choices that pamper the inner child with the things it loves, could bring in a world of difference.  If mindfully blended, Inner Child Healing, Food and Nutrition Sciences, Meditation,  and Spirituality could congenially help solve the puzzle called ‘You’. These are meant to work together for a well-rounded effect on our mental, physical and metaphysical health. Author Gayathri, who has spent years studying and practicing nutrition and dietetics, focuses her research on emotional eating disorders. She finds the reason for obesity is not just an unhealthy diet, but the energy around.


This book makes a well-timed attempt at bringing together multiple solutions to evolve as a person. It is for everyone, from a celebrity to a common man. It decodes the most powerful revelations that have long been kept from us. The subjects covered in each chapter are handpicked from the various ancient sciences, the encrypted laws of nature and the author’s own life-long endurance and personal learning. This is a deeply heartfelt account of the author’s findings and insights discovered through the course of an eventful journey that brought her face-to-face with extra-sensory realities in the higher dimension that govern our universe, nature and our own bodies. Reading this book, one is assured of knowing oneself and awakening the light and master inside.


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V. Gayathri

Ms. Gayathri V is a Nutritionist/Dietician by profession and a familiar face across all media. She is also a spiritual seeker, meditator and a food activist who promotes traditional, locally sourced food and supports natural resources. A mother of two, Prapanj and Prithvi, Ms. Gayathri helps people around the globe through direct and online nutrition and healing services. She believes that human beings are multi-dimensional and we need to answer the questions that their body and mind are asking, in order to heal from the root. She has also organised hundreds of free nutrition awareness programs in rural areas, schools, colleges, etc. and attended several conferences including  Dietitic Association Conference, Australia. As the founder of Gayathri’s Nutrisolutions — a global community that supports everyone through mentoring ,meditation, book clubs and events, she is poised to realize her goal of making this a worldwide movement. She has worked as a dietician in AIMS, Kochi also worked as a lecturer in reputed Institutions and worked with MNC's as a trainer or diet consultant and helped these conglomerates congenially transform their work environments. She is a musician and an artist by heart and a strong advocate of healing through inner child works and for emotional eating recovery. She is the recipient of the Kalathlakom award for her excellence in art during her MSc Food and Nutrition from College of Agriculture and has also been bestowed with several other awards and honours.