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Dining for Success All Great Things Happen at the Dining Table

Author Name: Chitra Balasubramaniam | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Reference & Study Guides | Other Details

More and more business is conducted over the dining table in executive dining rooms, homes, clubs, and restaurants. This is today’s success strategy—entertaining. It is essential that you as a business professional feel confident in all dining situations. Knowing the ins and outs of dining etiquette will help put you and others at ease. 

We normally are perplexed about many things when we enter a star hotel, and we ask ourselves the following questions. 

-        How to conduct ourselves with ease without showing any discomfort on our face?

-        Which fork is what?

-        What do I do with my napkin when briefly leaving the dining table?

-        Which way should my knife blade face when resting on my plate?

-        Which salad plate, bread and butter plate and drinks are mine?

-        How should I place my utensils when I am done with my meal?

-        How do I hold the different wine glasses?

-        During a business meal, when should I begin to discuss business?

-        Do I always pass the salt with the pepper even if someone asks for salt only?

-        Where do I place my name badge?

-        What does RSVP mean?

Do you need a quick course in formal dining? Not just in basic eating, but you also have to know what to do with that place setting from Titanic? If you don't know amuse-bouche from other five to seven courses, let alone how to locate your bread plate, RELAX! 

You can easily brush up on your dining skills so you at least know how to handle yourself with grace at any social engagement or business meal. Remember, meals are supposed to be relaxing and entertaining—even business meals. 

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Chitra Balasubramaniam

An Author, Entrepreneur, Quantum Leap Coach, and Online Trader, Chitra is a passionate visionary. Chitra has always been a firm believer in the power of dreams and bold visions. 

A psychology graduate from the prestigious Queen Mary’s College Chennai, Chitra was born in a traditional household that believed a woman’s only goal was domestic and marital bliss and to pursue any other aspiration was against societal norms. Married at a young age of 21 years, Chitra always aspired to create an identity for herself, beyond the role of a homemaker and a mother. She longed to break the monotony of life as a traditional woman and carve a niche for herself as an independent, confident and empowered woman. She knew that the corporate rat race of a 9 to 5 job was not what she desired, as she always dreamt and envisioned herself as an entrepreneur.

At the age of 30 years, she gathered the courage and confidence to transform herself as she took her first steps into the entrepreneurial world. Armed with a love for fashion and an instinctive understanding of design, Chitra transformed herself from an introverted and reserved personality, to a fashion forward woman whose forte was a distinct understanding of style and trends. At the age of 40 years, she finally achieved her entrepreneurial dream with the launch of her company Tres’chic Academe that aimed to empower women through fashion, giving them the confidence and power to believe in themselves.