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Earth A Planet Called Home

Author Name: Jaiveer Misra | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Earth A Planet Called Home is a story about Jazz, an alien who lives on Corbo, far away in the 50th galaxy. Upon receiving strange signals from planet Earth, he decides to embark on a journey that will change his life forever. While the journey through 49 other galaxies and shimmering planets is an exciting one, he is not prepared for his spaceship to crash-land in the middle of a graveyard on Earth! 

Soon Jazz begins to learn about a way of life that is unknown yet familiar to him. Using his superpowers to adapt to his new environment, he is taken aback by the sadness around him in a place that was once bright and beautiful. At the same time, he learns of the wonderful things that make Earth unique – human beings, furry golden dogs, delicious food, and wonderful friends. 

Where will Jazz finally find a home? Will he stay, or will he repair his spaceship and head back to Corbo? Read on to find out in this heartwarming story filled with adventure, love and, importantly, hope. 

This is a special story written by Jaiveer and illustrated by his grandmother. What greater testament can there be of love and that special bond that defines us as human beings.


“Sparkling with the honesty of youth. A story for our times, heartwarming and filled with the life-giving hope born of love. 

We need more stories like this, please, Jaiveer!”

Faith Singh 


Jaipur Virasat Foundation

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Jaiveer Misra

Family values, collaboration and social commitment define Jaiveer’s personal journey. The idea for this highly imaginative story originated in Jaiveer’s mind when he was very young. Subsequently, he penned it down with the hope to inspire young readers to value the only home we have – Earth. A composer, vocalist and producer, Jaiveer works on a range of genres and a variety of music that defines his creative voice. Jaiveer’s social impact initiatives have aimed to spread joy through music to young children and vulnerable elders adversely impacted by unfortunate circumstances. The pandemic has reinforced the need to respect our planet and through this book, Jaiveer aims to raise awareness on pressing issues such as environmental conservation, and what is really important - the connection that defines the collective human spirit. Under the umbrella of Jaiveer’s community impact initiative “Mentoring Through Music”, proceeds from this book will be utilised to provide musical instruments to children of low income schools in New Delhi. At seventeen, Jaiveer is gaining popularity as an emerging artist, and has been recognised as a Changemaker by NewsX, an eminent news channel. Jaiveer is the youngest author for The Daily Guardian where his widely read monthly column “On The Beat” focuses on current and trending music. Currently as a student in New Delhi Jaiveer is studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma.