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Eccentric Ecstatic Emotions

Author Name: Hiranya Verma | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Emotions are tricky things. They can be hard to handle, and it may just all seem like a big mess of jam. Especially when it comes to understanding them. 

This book aims to change all of that. 

This book is for all ages, and for anyone who wants a simple approach to emotions and how to solve the sticky mess of ‘controlling’ them, or rather, controlling your reactions. Do you feel like you want to cut down on some sadness? Or do you think you need healthier ways to express your anger?

Then this book is for you!

A book from a child’s perspective (and language), it tries to help us understand the difference between ‘emotions’ and ‘reactions’, theories on the status of emotions in our brain, how to handle different emotions, and more. It comes packed with a lot of fun activities, little quizzes and is just an amazing experience.  

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Hiranya Verma

Hiranya Verma is an eleven-year-old, vivacious, cheerful girl, studying in Standard VII, in Navy Children School, Kochi. She was born at Mumbai on 25th June 2009 and her parents are Dr Rohit Verma and Dr Vidhu Bhatnagar. She has an elder sibling, who is three years elder to her and she shares a brilliant equation with her brother Kaustubh. Her hobbies are drawing and painting, reading and writing. She also plays the keyboard and loves the experience called life. She had published her first book ‘Hats, Hoods and Humiliation’ (Kindle edition) in 2020. When asked about why she chose such a topic to write about, she explained: “I used to think that those movies about high school (the ones with a hero/heroine facing the stereotypical ‘popular’ evil girl/boy) were so much different than our real life, especially considering humiliation. It turns out I was wrong. Looking back on my life, I saw that I did get humiliated, more than I thought. I wrote this book because it helped me realize and let go of the shock of knowing and feeling the times I’ve been humiliated.”

She has also recently published her second book ‘The misadventures and mishaps of poor chap’ (kindle edition) which was part of a Kindle writing competition.