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Electrical Characteristics Of High Energy Ion Implantation In GaAs

by K V Sukhatankar

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The book is meant for the introductory study in the high energy implantation in GaAs. It contains the irradiation experiment with 100 MeV, Au-197 implantation in GaAs at room temperature done at Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi, India. A brief introduction to Rapid Thermal Annealing System used is given. Detailed experimental procedure of I-V characteristics of implanted samples with ohmic contacts is also mentioned. The results of annealing behavior of irradiated samples analyzed and presented using I-V data.

Dr. Kishor Vasant Sukhatankar is working as an Associate Professor in Physics at Gogate Jogalekar College, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra about three decades.

He has completed his Ph.D. in Swift Heavy Ion Implantation in GaAs from University of Mumbai and currently pursuing his research in Materials Science. He has participated in number of International and National Conferences in India and abroad also worked as principle investigator in some major and minor research projects supported by University Grants Commission, New Delhi and Indian National Centre For Ocean Information Services(INCOIS), Government of India.

His research work has been published in many National and International peer reviewed journals.



Electrical Characteristics Of High Energy Ion Implantation In GaAs





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