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Emotional Persecution When Luck Hits You Hard

by Vikrant Dwivedi

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Ashu is a young, charming boy from Punjab.

Anshu is a sweet, beautiful girl from Delhi.

It’s love at first sight. He proposes to her at their

very first meeting. She thinks he’s joking at first. Before long he’s the center of her universe. They spend a few magical months together discovering what is to truly love and trust someone. And then there little paradise on earth is shattered. She discovers that he is not who she believes him to be. He realizes she’s not the kind of person he wants to spend his life with. And neither of them is willing to change. This is the story of what happens to both of them after their paths tragically diverge and they learn the true meaning of betrayal, heartache, retribution… and love. But sometimes we learn our lessons far too late…



Emotional Persecution





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