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Every Grain has a Name An Ultimate Guide to Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life

Author Name: Bhupendra Suri | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

Do you believe that there is an ‘objective,’ measurable Universe out there existing independent of you? Or is this world more a creation of your mind and consciousness? Are you truly manifesting this reality that you are experiencing?  What is your purpose in this life? This book questions the mechanist, materialistic and individualistic viewpoint dominant today and presents a radically different approach to life.

There is an ancient Indian proverb– “On every grain of food is written the name of the person who will eat it.” The purpose of the grain is set well in advance, not by its own personal name, but by the name of the person who will consume it! Unluckily, our names segregate us from our environment as individuals by building our ego, and do not have our true purpose of existence embedded in them. What if we are in a purposeful Universe, where our purpose has been set well in advance, waiting to be discovered by us?

This book will raise your level of trust in, and acceptance of, the larger forces of the Universe. It will help you develop the courage to break away from your past conditioning and comfort zones, guiding you through a step-by-step process to enable you to live life to its fullest potential!

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Bhupendra Suri

Bhupendra Suri is an engineer, a seasoned business leader, an intense explorer into the nature of reality, and an enthusiastic lover of science. When he is not busy solving the problems of the business world, Bhupendra loves to spend time with people coaching them in maximizing their potential. Advocating the concept of spiritual leadership, he defines himself ‘the meaning and purpose guy’. His secret passion has always been to connect the dots between the outer frontiers of scientific research and the creative and living world of the human spirit. 

Bhupendra has had an extensive career of more than two decades with one of the leading multinational corporations. At present, he is working as the CEO of a well-known brand in India.