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Falling Out at Forty Women struggling between Self-growth and Relationship

Author Name: Sherwet Alashram | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

Stop! You can’t keep running forever. It’s going to catch up with you someday. Take a deep breath, as I walk you through your life this time, clearing up the distractions, resentment and mental clutter. The destination might seem familiar, but it is one where you glow brighter, where your spouse admires you now more often and your marriage gives you exactly what you expect it to.

Finally, things fall into place for the very first time, and you feel the strong powerful rush to achieve all your goals and then dream some more.

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Sherwet Alashram

Over several years now, Sherwet has been a relationship counselor, a midlife crisis coach for women and an NLP practitioner. A wife and a mother of two, she can easily relate to the everyday hassle that wives and moms go through. Expected to put a high level of mental and physical energy into their marriage, family, household and careers, women might be tempted to push aside their physical health, connection with friends and their life goals, leaving them worn down and often resentful.

That is why she invites and coaches her clients to start developing a strong and healthy inner world from which they can draw the energy, master their surroundings and influence the lives of those around them, positively.

She uses both scientific and spiritual approaches to dig deep and identify her clients’ source of dissatisfaction as well as uncover their true purpose and potential. She helps her clients reach clarity and have a better understanding of themselves and their relationships. By doing so, her clients learn to seek inner validation and self-confidence, making them more self-sufficient and empowering them to make better decisions as well as dare to dream big and pursue their goals.

She continues to enjoy her role as a life coach for she has witnessed many compelling stories of her clients and the impact they’ve had on themselves and the lives of people around them that have been nothing short of deeply fulfilling and inspiring to her.