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Author Name: RAVINDRAN | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

You are lucky! Otherwise, you would not have seen this book. So, what is unique about 50 Days to Fitness? There are many wellness books in the market. Then, why this? It merely shows some down to earth and simple techniques to keep your most precious possession, your body, in ship shape. By spending just 2% of your time, i.e., 30 minutes a day for 50 days, you will surely witness a dramatic improvement in your wellness and fitness. These seemingly simple endurance workouts are so powerful that they can penetrate even your genes. A weekly action plan has been added to help busy people like you.

Nowadays, it is impossible to eat an ideal diet due to many constraints. In the chapter ‘On Food,’ we have shown how to squeeze in supplements to compensate lack of nutrition.

As part our endeavor to care for the youth, we have included  two chapters for IT professionals and students.

By the way, what is wellness? Instead of quoting scriptures or treatises, let us put it directly with a pragmatic prejudice –‘No frequent indispositions, no fatigue, always cheerful, bubbling with energy to do any work; if you see all these in a person, you can surely call him/her healthy and well or hale and hearty. Be such a one. 

Now, you know why you are lucky!

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Here is an author who walks his talk.

Sri Ravindran, 77, whose pen name is Raviravi, is a mechanical engineer by profession. He has always been nurturing a penchant for health and wellness, and, of course, fitness for the last 50 years. Even now, his BP is a theoretical figure of 120/80. He faces no diabetes, no cholesterol anomalies and no cardiac hassles, thanks to his fanaticism and tenacity in embracing fitness. Endowed with an ever-fresh mind always on the learning mode, and with a high gradient leaning towards sustained improvement, he is ever willing to share fool-proof wellness techniques aimed at keeping the demographic majority of India, the youth, fit and disease-free. Eventually, the ageing process slows down over the years. We hope you don’t mind if that verily happens!

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