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Figuring Out God Knowing is there a God and who is God by figuring it out

Author Name: Ranjit Mohite | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

No man is empty. He is full of beliefs. Leaving a tiny minority, the rest of the world believes in some god or gods. Ironically, most of those beliefs are inherited ones and not sought or searched for. The world at large does no homework to see if at all those beliefs makes sense to figuring sense. Seeing the sorry state of religions almost incipiently, for sure many beliefs do not make sense. There is trouble with beliefs and that trouble is to believe god to have instituted those beliefs. 

Outside religions humans never get into things not making sense and they are right. Without proof in hand figuring sense guides us to a proposition making sense. Why should be religion exception to it? If God is believed he should be then believed to have told us humans things not only good and right but also those making sense. He can’t be unscrupulous God. 

The book talks about how bad it is to believe family beliefs just because they are family beliefs. It is wisdom to inherit the wealth of father but not beliefs. It is definitely possible to know which belief system makes sense to believe figuring by ourselves and what makes sense has to be a necessary biggest contender for being the right one.


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Ranjit Mohite

Dr. Ranjit is a medical doctor practicing in the outskirts of Pune. His interests are debating and he feels nothing is interesting to debate than religion. This he feels because what a man will do to self and to others all hinges on the fact of what he believes. Depending on it one can get heaven or hell out of man. He believes childlike questions of origin, meaning and destiny needs to be addressed in childlike fashion and not in intimidating philosophical scientific jargon that till date has answered nothing.  

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