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Fire's Fury

by Sharada M Subrahmanyam

Format: Paperback

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History gets distorted over the generations, but the Heirs of the Elements still remember the things the way it was. The Heirs – one each for Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether – carry on the legacy of their forbearers, but even they do not know all the hidden facts of the creation of the universe.

Join the Heirs as they try to fight a dangerous enemy mere days after they claimed their place as the Heirs of the Elements. Will the loss of our history destroy our future? Or will the world survive despite all the odds being against it?

Sharada M Subrahmanyam lives among her books. Inspired by the books that she has read by her favorite authors like Tamora Pierce, Rick Riordan, Christopher Paolini, and Allison Croggon, she wanted to create a world of her own. ‘Fire’s Fury’ is a new adventure, a shot towards the creation of a second universe.

She lives in Chennai with her parents and her brother, and is working towards becoming a world class author. She loves to read and listen to music. Logic fascinates her and she is interested in the workings of the human mind.



Fire's Fury





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