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Flights of a Bumblebee A Journey in Compassionate Eye Care

by Taraprasad Das

Format: Hardcover

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A bumblebee demonstrates the power of ignorance. It flies against the law of physics. “Flights of A Bumblebee”, is a collection of events in 33 years life of an eye care professional. He has described several events that have been a lesson in shaping his life both personally and professionally. He has described the secrets of converting opportunities to mission and the pleasure of being an integral part of a compassionate eye care.

Flights of a Bumblebee is the story of his journey of dreaming, and converting every dream into a reality.

Dr Das has brought out his professional journey at Aravind Eye care System and at LVPEI [L V Prasad Eye Institute] in the form of, “Flights of A Bumblebee”, which is indeed a great expedition of knowledge, technology, skills and service with compassion. I am sure, “Flights of A Bumblebee” will inspire all health care givers and reinforce the spirit of “Let my brain remove your pain.”

APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr. Taraprasad Das is the Vice Chairman of L V Prasad Eye Institute.L V Prasad Eye Institute has touched 18 million people through a unique pyramidal system of eye care from village to city. Dr. Das has been a part of the institute for a quarter century.Government of India honored him with Padma Shri in year 2013.



Flights of a Bumblebee





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