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Flimsy Frontiers Contemporary Short Stories on Indian Gay Culture

by Devavratan Kaundinya

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

‘But I understood that I have killed an artist, a great friendship and love. I also realized to my sheer disbelief that I too was in love with him. Within the closed doors of my car I started sobbing bitterly.’ ‘Flimsy Frontiers’ presents the pleasures, pains and predicaments of gay love in the conservative and derisive Indian milieu. Love between the same sex is no crime; but considered as incredible and not acceptable if it crosses the borders and touches the realms of physical relationship. The expression of love in physical terms should be restricted to certain socially acceptable levels. When the frontiers are crossed, it turns a taboo and curse. Some of the mortals who are born with this quality need to face the mandatory censure, problems but have to endure them stoically. ‘Whether the society accepts or not, whether Section 377 of IPC was repealed or in tact, gays and gay relationships exist. These were expressions of such a closeted, secluded community and their lives. The concept of love is universal. Love is a generic term in English for affection of any form. So love between the same sex at times takes a different form and culminates into physical relationship; right or wrong is still a moot point. But the truth is this exists. These stories look into the different shades of this so called forbidden love that still yearns for acceptance.’

An engineer by profession his passions vary from music, movies, art to reading and writing. He is a connoisseur of classical music and also a writer in English and Tamil. He had the credit of conducting an art exhibition with some of his friends with his art works. He is completely engaged in the activities of his varied interests at present.


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