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Author Name: Shanta Jayaram | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Shanta, winner of the Critics award of the Grand Slam Poetry Contest, under the pen name, S.J. Menaka, of the U.S. Consulate General along with Prakriti in Chennai in 2010, stands tall in the world of poets of the present times.

Coming together in this robust second volume, “The Fly-cup and Poems More…” four years after “To Kill A Poet”, published in 2016, are thirty-five works, sheer in immensity. 

 Written in lyrical style, Sensuality is bold and unabashed. “Feverish in Love” declares the Body, “rustic” and “incomplete” till united in sensuous love. A “Forever intercourse continues” in “Rolls on Lit Body” But beware, it is a “Monument of Body!” Traps you under different layers!

 Satirical wit and pathos crackle. “Demons to doom …”  “Gods to frightened skies…”and Buffaloes stroll on India -scape

 Science works. As “limbers water to heights, surface tensile… “

 And the eternal appeal. Ever felt such joy?  From grass stains and mud, steal away “ an ageless smile …”    

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Shanta Jayaram

Shanta, born in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, grew up in Rourkela in the Steel Plant township and was educated in Ranchi and Kolkata. After a B.A. in English Literature from Ranchi University B.Ed. from Kolkata University, she has taught in several schools in Kolkata, Chennai in India and in Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania.  

Her love for Nature remains very strong from childhood and she often speaks of herself as a child of the Sal forests. Her discernment and appreciation of aesthetics has come to her, as she always acknowledges, from her guru of Hindustani music, the revered Ustad Sabri Khan.         

After her first publication “To Kill A Poet” in 2016. “The Fly-Cup” is her second volume of poetry. Wherein poems seamlessly flow as distributaries from the river of Poetry.

She resides in Chennai with her husband and has three daughters married happily