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Footprints and Feelings Girivalam Diary, Tiruvannamalai

Author Name: Priyamshakti | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

Joy, beauty, harmony, peace, love – all the real aspirations of human life: what if someone told you that you can start having them in your life, just doing what you love, being who you are (even and especially in this covid-altered world and reality)? 

What if someone told you that you are the hero of your life? 

This book is about the journey of an ordinary, nice, friendly-neighbourhood, wannabe-writer (aren’t most of us?!), gloriously embracing herself, doing some things she loves best – walking, being outdoors in Nature, and watching people without getting pulled into their dramas.  And she has watched and walked her way to this debut book. 

Through her retelling of her journey, she tells you with conviction that You are the Hero in your life, and your journey is to claim it. 

"The Indian philosophical system views a Hero as “DhIra” ...The DhIra’s journey is to develop discrimination, viveka, and move towards the ultimate good, dharma, by transcending the personal self.” – Raghu Ananthanarayanan, Author of ‘Leadership Dharma – Arjuna, the Timeless Metaphor’ and Chief Mentor at Ritambhara.

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Priya is a Yoga therapist in the Krishnamacharya tradition. She also adapts Reiki, chanting, life coaching, and Ayurvedic practices in her healing spaces. 

She is committed to building collectives and communities that have the praxis of Yoga at their heart. 

She greatly values a hearty-shared meal with friends and exchanging songs and stories around the fire. Her deeper yearnings and search for herself find spontaneous expression in poetry and play. She also works with alternative and meaningful educational processes and loves teaching children. She takes deep inspiration from nature and the heartbeat of life.