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For Better or Verse

Author Name: Shukr Usgaokar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

It is said that reading is like eating out of a box of candies. Once you start, you just cannot stop. Going by this, For Better or Verse is akin to an assortment specially prepared for you by your favourite confectioner. A melange of articles and poems, each set against the backdrop of a unique theme, intending to pique the interest of the reader in a different manner. From historical analyses to philosophical musings to biographical tributes, it strives to embrace with outstretched arms the entire spectrum of sentiments and sensibilities which shape a man’s life. Sweet to taste, delicious to eat, and easy to digest, while leaving you craving for more, this is one collection of writings that will make you reflect and change your perception about yourself and the world around you, in ways you possibly cannot imagine.

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Shukr Usgaokar

The author is a final year law student. Ample free time and the serene surroundings of a Susegad Goa fuelled his imagination, propelling it to take flight. Yet it remained as “A beautiful but ineffectual angel, beating in the void, its luminous wings in vain”, borrowing the memorable lines used by Matthew Arnold to describe the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. The crash-landed result is in your hands. A worm’s eye view of life, society, and all things worldly and vicarious, the worm being the author.