by Sumit Warudi


Type : Paperback

Print Edition India


Summary of the Book

Ishaan, a decent young college going guy who is blessed with everything which normal person has required. He is in a relationship with a stunningly beautiful girl Shreya. They both are deeply in love with each other. Aryan, his boon companion, is a cheap but encouraging friend.

His life was running smoothly till the day he went to Andaman and Nicobar Island with Aryan.

What happened with him when he accidentally lost from trekking?

How did he spent three hours in that lush forest?

What happened with him when his destiny met him with an adorable girl there?

How did he survive with a stranger girl?

Will they going to find their destination or not?

Welcome to the game of destiny, forest of lust, which has full filled with the essence of adventure, love and friendship.

About the Author

Sumit warudi was born in Gwalior, India, and completed a degree in Bachelor of commerce from Delhi university and certified with a diploma in Tour & Travel-ism and Airport handling from YMCA, New Delhi.

Sumit lives in Ghaziabad, loves to watch offbeat and parallel movies of Bollywood. He is a die-hard fan of Film Director Anurag Kashyap. And has a dream to become a scriptwriter for Bollywood someday.

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