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Friendship Calling... without you guys...where would I go!

by Sayan Bhattacharya

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Four fast friends enjoy a rocking college-life in Calcutta which binds them as best buddies but life soon flings them in different directions. Staying in different cities and pursuing different careers, their lives seem to move on smoothly. But things suddenly take a different turn when one friend disappears mysteriously, leaving no traces behind!
As the rest of the friends are baffled, one of them decides to find their missing buddy at all costs. In a chance encounter he meets his missing friend’s fiancé who also joins him in the quest. The search takes them through the city of Mumbai, in a roller-coaster of situations, where they stumble upon a hitherto unknown phase of their friend’s life …

Will the duo be able to crack the mysterious disappearance of their friend? …. Or, as the search keeps churning out shocking revelations, will they abandon their ‘friendship calling’? …. Will their worlds change forever in the process and outcome of the search?...

A literary enthusiast with a flair for creative writing, Sayan loves to write from experiences drawn in real life. His characters are common people with normal virtues and vices, placed in common circumstances. But it is the way that Sayan draws out the special spark, that he believes is hidden in every human being, makes his characters endearing and his common stories a pleasure to read.


Friendship Calling...





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