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From A Verse-Maker's Diary

by Shodhan Prakash

Format: Paperback

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From A Verse-Maker’s Diary is analogous to a bouquet. A corsage of poems that portray great versatility in both hue and fragrance. It courageously experiments with bold forms of poetry while gracefully hanging on to its sole purpose. For example, included in this collection are works such as a poem without words, a ‘phonem’ and an acrostic verse that will leave you stupefied. Every poem strives to pinch a distinct feeling. An ailment for the soul and candy for the tongue!

Shodhan Prakash, 19, is an aspiring poet and this is his first attempt to revive the dying poetry scene, especially among the youth of today who seem to have abandoned this raw form of literary art. He completed his schooling at Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bangalore and is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in computing science and technology from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. He considers himself a jester in a circus of words who obtains immense pleasure when his verses succeed in provoking an emotion or two.

You can reach Shodhan at: shodhan28@hotmail.com



“Prose is something that drags us along whereas poetry lingers on.”



From A Verse-Maker's Diary





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