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Full Course Fiction

Author Name: Siddharth Kotu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Would the AI really rebel? Is Hell that bad? What is love? What is being humane? What becomes of people in crime world?

An anthology of dreams, a collection of romance and crime, horror and humor, fantasy and fiction.

And underlying all these, is the spark of hope.

The hope of a fresh start for a naïve girl. The hope of a fresh start for a race, be they human or alien or in-human. The hope of achieving, given a second chance. The hope of a love life with your dear one.

What does it all comes down to?

Welcome to the tres worlds of futuristic world, fantasy realm and the contemporary world.

A collection of innovative, unique and thought-provoking stories and beautiful set of poems for you to read, ruminate and cherish.

A book to read. A book to keep.

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Siddharth Kotu

Siddharth Kotu, a graduate from IIT Guwahati, is an engineer by profession and a poet and writer by passion.

As in any writer’s journey which starts with a first step, this is his official one.

Passionate by heart and having a vivid imagination, he presents his thoughts, ideals and words in the most unique form of fictional stories for you to enjoy as well as ruminate.