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Gauri Kund 1.5 KM A stirring saga of eight who witnessed Near-death experience in Kedarnath Natural Disaster

by Ektaa Patel

Format: Paperback

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In 2013, the world watched and was stunned as mountain sides in Uttarakhand were swept away by a furiously flowing Ganga and her tributaries due to cloud burst and flash floods.

Buildings crumbled. People and animals were washed away, the thousands of pilgrims visiting Kedarnath among them. Words cannot describe the magnitude of the natural disaster and how life-changing an event it was.

I am attempting to recreate the thrilling event that turnednear-death experience. I have observed the tremendous power of nature’s devastation by noticing the divine power. I myself manifested the presence of god while devastation, how law of karma works in our life, and how angels help us in most difficult times. Buildings crumbled but my faith strengthened. I realized that if we have good karma, God will definitely send help as an when you need it the most.

“Sometimes Bad things that happen in our life,

Put us directly on the path to the best things,

That will ever happens to us”

Ektaa R.Patel is a young entrepreneur who owns a family business of chemicals. she had done her M.com and P.GDBM. Her other interest includes music, watching movies, playing tennis, swimming, travelling and writing books. This book is about her real near death experience & her realization about existence of god.



Gauri Kund 1.5 KM



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