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GITA for GEN A to Z Volume I of III

Author Name: Ram Prakash Singhal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Gita leads us from spiritual infancy to maturity, impulsive irrationality to intelligent rationalism, and agitation to tranquility.

‘G-OO-D’ contains two ‘O’s between ‘G’, the God, and ‘D’, the Devil. First ‘O’ near ‘G’ denotes Obeisance to God; and second ‘O’, near Devil, denotes Obfuscation. Eliminate Obfuscation from life to see God in everything ‘Good’.


Ego and prejudice are the earplugs that stop us from listening to inner voice of God.

Enjoy the 3 D film of life by wearing spectacle of Anaasakti, the indifference.


Orthodoxy is the peel of a banana whose pulp is Dharm. We shouldn’t set foot on the peel and slip into gutter but relish soul-nourishing pulp.


Our senses must follow our commands like the ‘Genie’ of Aladdin’s lamp.


The best batsman defends his wicket by driving every ball to boundary but the less skilled runs to score; and the least skilled is bowled out.


Dharm appears as the ferocious tiger Richard Parker in the film ‘Life of Pi’. Initially Pi struggles to save himself from tiger; then it suddenly dawns on him that the tiger is an indispensible anchor of his life in the boat. His simple attitudinal change saves the beast and himself.


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Ram Prakash Singhal

It is difficult to imagine a mechanical engineer, from Jodhpur, Rajashthan, India in his eightieth year, writing a treatise on Gita after 55 years of professional service, but this is what Ram Prakash Singhal has done. Simplicity & modesty are the hallmarks of his work. His deep insight, literary flair and succulent narration of a highly spiritual, and at times intriguing scripture like Gita, punctuated with abundant examples, similes, short stories, anecdotes, real life situations, quotes of saints & great people, film songs, clarifications, and drawing moral lessons from the subject matter of discussion, have made the difficult task of understanding Gita very easy. Shedding orthodox, dogmatic, conservative and sectarian attitudes and cutting across the boundaries of different religious faiths and cultures that often pose hurdles in global acceptance and application of Gita’s teachings for entire humanity, lends exceptional value to this treatise. His dogged perseverance of seven years to explain Gita in simple and interesting manner, and providing down to earth solutions for strife-torn common people, is commendable.

Gita is a dialogue between Arjun and Krishn in which Arjun asks many questions and Krishn answers them. Singhal adopts the same style, speaks to his readers directly by raising very pertinent questions, and answering them in first person with utmost modesty. Thus, he establishes rapport & fellow feeling with them instantly.

His unique style makes it an almost compulsive reading even for persons not interested in spirituality.

Email address: singhalrp39@gmail.com

Phone: +91 9099573973