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Goal With Second Play Passion allows to meet success

Author Name: Abrar I. Khalfe | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details


     Today is a sad day in sports, one of the greatest soccer managers in history is on his death bed. Nitin Verky is a name many in sports know, especially in soccer. Kamran Tuglov has always said he looks up to him and is his mentor. Mumbai F.C. is going to miss their coach." Nitin Verky's greatest regret in life is not fulfilling his dreams as a player in the field due to an injury that ended his career prematurely.  

     Luckily, destiny, the gods, or some error in the matrix, gave him a chance as he wakes up in the body of a 14-year-old, Rizz Abbas about to start high school.   



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Abrar I. Khalfe



Dear all,

I can’t possibly thank everyone who has contributed to this book. Every Human being whoever came into my life has played a part. You all know who you are, so in case I missed you out, like always “Sorry”.

The ones I would like to thank here are: 

ALLAH, for giving me so much “Alhumdulillah”. Moiza Badane & Michelle Rodrigues, my editor, friend, guide. They are been with me from the start and continue to be the first reader of my book.

My readers, for blessing me with so much love. It is because of you that I get to do what I love “Express my Thoughts and Experiences through writing in the form of stories and novels.” My critics. For helping me improve and keeping my ego down.

Looking forward to publishing this Book with all the inspiration, support, and feedback at whatever point during the journey of this book, or even my life. 



Abrar I. Khalfe, a Mechanical Engineer by profession from India residing in Kuwait is a most acclaimed and outspoken Speaker and Influencer. Being from a technical background, I am very much fond of expressing thoughts with one of the powerful tools of writing. This book is my first step towards the ocean of literature to at least procure a drop of success to be adjacent to my Goal.