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Goan Chase Take Three Mysteries

Author Name: Richa Sambhy Mediratta | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

‘Leave now or pay the price.’

Jai and his friends, Nirvaan and Ayesha, are super excited to be in Goa for their summer holidays. The three youngsters visit Jai’s aunt who lives in a sprawling villa with a private beach.

Just when things appear to be too good to be true, their host narrowly escapes a fatal accident. Much to their distress, ‘accidents’ continue to occur, putting everybody’s lives in danger.

Is there an evil presence in the house? Somebody who wants to harm them? But, why? Jai, Nirvaan, and Ayesha must race against time to solve this mystery before anybody else is harmed.

If that were not enough, they have to battle with their inner demons. Demons that threaten to come in the way of solving the mystery itself. Demons that will only bring them closer to the hunter waiting patiently for the final strike…


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Richa Sambhy Mediratta

When she says she literally started writing even before she learned how to read, you know she’s not kidding. Richa penned her first story about a magical crystal ball at the age of six and went on to finish a couple of novelettes by the time she was a teenager (all of which are now tucked away as priceless possessions).

As life would have it, writing fiction did not make it as a career choice, but her passion for writing trickled through all her career choices. Richa began her career as a freelance writer for various publications and websites. In a career spanning over twelve years, she has been a contributing editor, advertising copywriter, technical writer, and an award-winning instructional designer.

However, she could not keep her love for writing fiction at bay for long. She learned the ropes of writing children and young adult fiction from the Institute of Children’s Literature in the United States. She was also recently selected as one of the winners in the nation-wide WriteIndia contest organized by the Times of India group.

Currently, she’s a hands-on mother who doubles up as a full-time author and corporate consultant. She also tweets about writing through her Twitter handle @RichaWriter.