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Gone with a Windfall

by Dr.Markose Abraham

Format: Paperback

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GONE WITH A WINDFALL is the portrayal of a political affair in high places. The summer of 2012 finds Queeny, the favorite 40-year-old poet senator- daughter of the chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) headquartered in Indiana, USA, rather piqued. Pitted against the sibling rivalry of her brothers in pursuit of political inheritance in a small but vital party- the young congresswoman who is caught in the vise of tricky politics and engulfing romance has to manipulate her way up the corridors of power in Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

The kickbacks of US $50 million the female lawmaker is alleged to have received from the man she has catapulted to the high political office of Telecom Secretary in the US Government flies in her face. Greed, the ill-gotten windfall, propels her to her doom. How would America react to her extra-marital relationship in the middle of a political election? It’s a thriller that keeps the readers on the seat’s edge…

Dr Markose Abraham is an Academic and an Author. Turning to writing after a four-decade service as an English Faculty/Academic Administrator, he has 3 books to his name. His first book ‘American Immigration Aesthetics’ (2011) was the result of research work done on the subject of immigration. KIRKUS REVIEWS had recommended the book as ‘most valuable as a motivation for readers to explore…the contribution of immigrants to American culture and ….the varying processes of assimilation….’ The second and third books were published in 2014.

Corruption as a universal theme is focused in the two novels. The stories become a thriller when the protagonists are super-women. While one book looks at the corporate scenario in the emerging new Asian country of India, the other deals with the political environment of the world’s only superpower, the United States of America.

The author has traveled extensively. His two sons live with their families in Montreal and London. He, his wife and daughter live in Pondicherry, India.



Gone with a Windfall





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