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Gudgaon The Urban Village

by Praveen Toppo Jashpuriya

Format: Paperback

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Rahul and his friend Mona grow up in a turbulent time: development comes to the town they are in, and that means they must be displaced. Amidst a lot of politics and protests, fear-mongering and strict policies, they shift in pursuit of greener pastures.

A time comes when Mona’s father makes a choice to take on a high-level job that pays him well, but Rahul’s father refuses the offer. Eventually, the two lives take different paths, one with affluence and one with poverty. Rahul finds himself falling for Mona, who has a busy and new life at college – which leads her to ignore him.

His mother falls ill, in the mean time, and he is the only one to take care of her after his father’s passing. With a heavy heart, Rahul, who has made tremendous sacrifices for Mona, is forced to accept a difficult fate.

Praveen Kumar Toppo was born in the tribal hinterland of Jashpur, Chhattisgarh. Brought up by his social worker parents, he did his post-graduation in Business Management from Pune. He worked with a microfinance startup in Chennai and is currently working as a manager at one of the biggest Public Sector Banks in Punjab.








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