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Guild Hostilities

Author Name: C R Barath Narayanan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Ram Reddy discovers the potential in Mohamed Ali Adnan and trains him to wrestle. Mohamed develops a friendship with Ramaswamy Iyer while training under Ram Reddy.

When Mohamed defeats an Irish wrestler in a bout and impresses an ex-army official, he gets a chance to fight in the British Indian army. He gets employed in Mesopotamia along with Ratan Singh and Michael McKenzie to fight against the ottomans. Here he meets a rape victim at a war theater, and develops a sympathy for her. As days passed, his sympathy gets molded into love…

He soon returns back to India and gets employed in Lahore, where he lives a happy life having his childhood friend Ramaswamy Iyer as his neighbour and Ratan Singh as his colleague. However in a few days, the harmony of Lahore is shattered due to the literary works of selfish politicians… and members of his guild, brothers who stood by side at the war are plunged into communal violence… Ramaswamy, Ratan, and Mohamed sense their brotherhood perishing from the odour of blood painting their lands red… they try to terminate the hostilities…

Will they be able to do it? Victory will mean the life of the brotherhood and countless others, but failure on the other hand, will spell the doom of everything they hold dear.


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CR Barath Narayanan, brought up in Chennai, is the creator of the novel “Guild Hostilities” published by Notion Press in the year 2014. By graduation he’ll be an engineer, by passion, he’s a writer. He’d completed his engineering course during March 2014. During his college days, he use to take the back seat of the classroom, grasping gossips, reading newspapers, peeping into fellow students’ text messages. His later job will be to take out a notebook, construct a beautiful story by gluing up all the information he’d gathered. He gained lots of appreciation from his fellow mates as his stories captivated their hearts. This is how he discovered the writer in him…

During 2011 July, while he was fresh into second year of Engineering, he was interested in writing a full length novel. He peeped into the “Creative writing” syllabuses of various world class universities, hunted the study materials worldwide, read all of them, taught himself the hypnotising techniques and globally acceptable grammar, started writing a novel once he was convinced that he’s “capable to write.” By the time he was convinced, it was January 2013. The first novel he wrote was “The Legendary Last Benchers,” which was a contemporary one, which ended up being a “Romantic-comedy Novel.” His friends loved it, but he wasn’t convinced, because he asked himself, “When gods give you something, why can’t you use it for some useful purpose instead of using it for a yet another ‘commercial-romantic’ thing?” later he denied the idea of publishing it. One of his best friends asked him, “Are you a retard?” after hearing his decision, CR Barath Narayanan replied, “I’m just trying not be yet another retard in the story telling field, that’s why I’m not gonna publish The Legendary Last Benchers”

During 2013 May, CR Barath Narayanan got animated to write about the pride of “Unsung Heroes” who lived in the vintage India, after reading some texts talking Indian history. Later, he plunged his “Imaginary heroes and heroines” into the world of Vintage India, saw them live there with his “eyes of creativity,” as words flowed down through his fingers into his laptop. As a result of 240 day research and 75 day writing, “Guild Hostilities” was born. And, CR Barath Narayanan was convinced as he felt that his work was worthy enough to be published…

Contact details:

Twitter: @CRBarathNarayan

Facebook: Facebook.com/CRBarathNarayananWriter