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Guns, hackers and roses

by Richy

Format: Paperback

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Guns, hackers and roses

God takes something from you when he plans to give something more special

Life has never been a bed of roses for Om. A deaf-mute abandoned by his parents; he grew up in the care of Michael a failed politicians going through tough times. Their lives change when Om meets his guardian angel, Shalini.

A racy fable that travels from the East Coast Road, Chennai to Basel, Switzerland. A story which tells the secrets of money launderers and hackers.

Richy is a software engineer working in Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai. Being a prolific blogger, he never gets stuck in a single genre. He likes to experiment a wide variety of genres from romance to horror. For an IT guy who loves syntax and semicolons rather than similes and refrains, Richy's characters and plots are so lively and the readers get easily bonded to them.



Guns, hackers and roses





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