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Guru, Gratitude and Grace Mystical Experiences of Kundalini Awakening & Grace

Author Name: Shubhda Vaid | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

*When I focused on the spot, I could see sharp rays of light emanating from her Ajna chakra and entering mine. My eyes started burning, and my whole body went into a spin. I came to know later that this was Shaktipat and what had happened earlier was Jagran of Kundalini Shakti.

*My initial meditational experiences were sometimes scary and sometimes amusing. There were times when I would growl like a lion or hiss like a cobra. Sometimes, my body would go into an uncontrollable spin, or I would keep shaking my head vigorously. I would be a lama fighting with another lama, or a Tantrik on a cremation ground making loud noises. Other people at the group meditation were getting disturbed and upset over my behavior.

*In no way should this path be considered easy or inferior. In surrender your whole being, your wants and desires, your entire personality gets annihilated till a stage where you don't exist; it's only the Guru who exists.

*Why would one ‘fall’ in love? Isn’t love supposed to uplift you? Is it such petty emotion that makes you fall?

*The only thing the world needs is love. The only thing anyone needs is love – unconditional love and acceptance of ‘I Am’. No reason, no logic, no mind.

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Shubhda Vaid

Coming from a traditional Marwari family, Shubhda Vaid spent the first 35 years of her life fulfilling her duties as a daughter, wife and mother when certain experiences of light and energy led her to Enlightened Kundalini Master Santosh Sachdeva. The meeting culminated in a beautiful Guru-disciple relationship and led to her awakening.

While passing through certain challenges in her life in 2011, she started her entrepreneurial venture called ‘Grace Occasions’ on her Guru’s Aadesh. She also translated her Guru’s books on the subject of Kundalini Yoga from English to Hindi. She holds ‘Heart 2 Heart’ sessions where she guides and mentors people in harmonizing relationships.