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Hasana Jaruri Hai A Journey in the Laughter World

by Sanjay Kulkarni

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

To make people laugh is an art I have been at it since an early age. I believe that this is a blessing from God. I’ve figured out the many shades of human behavior and that is my source of humour. The characters in my poems are imaginary, but really, they are all around us, within us, which makes the reader relate to the book and laugh, making him happy.

Anandrao is a person who quarrels with everybody, Baburam is a is a middle-aged, middle class person who is fan of an actress and the poem captures his funny quest to meet her. In this collection of poetry, there is a poem for everyone, and many jokes in each poem. Be prepared to laugh out loud.

Mr. Sanjay Kulkarni was born on 14 July, 1958 in Hyderabad . He has completed M.Sc. with a distinction from Osmania University and after that he did a one year Computer Programming Course from Annamalia University . He is presently working as Senior Scientist . Besides love for poetry and music in Hindi, he has also written many poems in Marathi and English. He has co-authored books on ICT for schools. He loves humorous literature and his passion for humour also extends to the visual arts.


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