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Hash of Mash Things have gone so far, they can never be the same again

Author Name: Pooja Punchhi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

There comes many times in life when one is bent double under the burden of responsibilities and no advice from anyone seems to work. Personal contacts are shunned. One wants to simply curl up and shut out the world. This book is for those times. You only need to wrap your arms around the book and delve deep into its soft embrace which reassures, strengthens, and helps reinstate one’s belief in one’s self. No type of hurt equals the darkness within. There was a time when one person reached out to another and their shared experiences worked as a salve on frazzled nerves. 

There are books that serve as beacons to guide one through life. Authors down the ages have enriched several lifetimes. In many ways, books have taught by example. They have epitomized the best episodes of human history and shown how individuals conquered their circumstances through time and space. Books are the easiest and earliest masters. They teach unassumingly, and the best part is that we can go back again and again into their folds to relive their lessons and learnings. This book does not presume to reach the exalted heights attained by the great masters, but it definitely vies for a place among the books that one loves to thumb through to regain the mosaic vision guaranteed within the pages. 

This book unfolds vistas of self-enrichment where one looks inward for strength and support. Many of the lifestyle gurus have come up with targeted studies that have helped the learner seek and find. This book is an attempt at being a ready reckoner or guide for numerous situations in life where one needs to gather solace and strength. It is a mind torch to help circumvent.

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Pooja Punchhi

Pooja Punchhi is a limitless lifelong learning coach. She works on the concept of empathy, enabling, and empowerment to bring about the internalization of one’s self to achieve goals. The three C's - Chance, Choice, Change - play an important role in her methods as she motivates individuals to discover their potential. She is a sensitive psychological counsellor. Professionally, she has a grip on the life coach rigmarole without being too clingy or over-effervescent. She does not go for the jugular, shocking the individual, nor does she lull the senses into a stupor. Pooja is a live wire. She has taken it upon herself to bring order into a chaotic world. There is nothing she will not do to try to ensure an environment of happiness and satiation. 

A mother-in-learning, Pooja has grown into becoming the being she is making herself into, an iota at a time. She has transmigrated portions of herself into her loved ones and, in turn, thrives on their self-realization. Pooja has an uncanny knack for boosting morale, allaying fears, and firing up the zeal of young achievers. She takes a special interest in promoting the future of children across various socio-economic barriers. Having the capacity to reach across minds and bodies, hearts and souls, she pours her energy into all she undertakes. 

This book is a mere reflection of her multiple roles as a woman, as divinity, as a true friend. She has an indefatigable spirit of life that she shares with all aspects of human endeavour. Her work with the orphans, the down-trodden, and the voiceless is a silent prayer to the maker. She fills with joy every life that she touches. She helps empower everyone with their inner strength and an entirely renewed perspective.