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Heredity+Dreams A Must Read Book

by Shrikrishna Zele

Format: Paperback

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The Book is an invaluable asset for professionals, writers and teachers

Gives revolutionary psychological and physiological theories.Gives important Tips for consummating your romantic relationship.

The author says,

The Supreme Power of the Universe, we’d call it the God, runs His Universe purely with the help of scientific laws and theories, by installing fully autonomous systems.Man was created as the MAN only.Man is his Heredity

(We cannot change our Heredity; nobody else can do it).

Our whole life story as scripted by our Heredity is stored encoded in DNA with Timer preset to trigger in time every event of Growth, Development & Decline.The sleep was devised to give a refreshing rest to Intelligence, Memory and Mind and Dreams were the means to lull us to sleepThe world is in the embrace of either Faith Hallucination or Fear Hallucination.Mind is the governing chief executive of human body.

He regulates our sentiments, feeling, emotions, passions, desires and wants; and ensures a refreshing rest to tired body.

Laws of Life Cycle and Diminishing Returns apply to our Families and Life respectivelyNo research can come anywhere near Truth if researcher ignores Nature’s Scheme.







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