Heredity+Dreams A Must Read Book

by Shrikrishna Zele


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

The Book is an invaluable asset for professionals, writers and teachers

  • Gives revolutionary psychological and physiological theories.
  • Gives important Tips for consummating your romantic relationship.

The author says,

  • The Supreme Power of the Universe, we’d call it the God, runs His Universe purely with the help of scientific laws and theories, by installing fully autonomous systems.
  • Man was created as the MAN only.
  • Man is his Heredity

(We cannot change our Heredity; nobody else can do it).

  • Our whole life story as scripted by our Heredity is stored encoded in DNA with Timer preset to trigger in time every event of Growth, Development & Decline.
  • The sleep was devised to give a refreshing rest to Intelligence, Memory and Mind and Dreams were the means to lull us to sleep
  • The world is in the embrace of either Faith Hallucination or Fear Hallucination.
  • Mind is the governing chief executive of human body.

He regulates our sentiments, feeling, emotions, passions, desires and wants; and ensures a refreshing rest to tired body.

  • Laws of Life Cycle and Diminishing Returns apply to our Families and Life respectively
  • No research can come anywhere near Truth if researcher ignores Nature’s Scheme.

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