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Hold on to His Daaman A Spiritual Connect That Transcends Time

Author Name: Roochi Srivastava | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

This book is my life’s story and every occurrence mentioned here is my own. It’s an account of how one incident changed my life forever.

On January 6th, 2019 – I lost my son, Raghav under the most tragic  circumstances. 

It was sudden, cruel and I was completely blind-sided. The days that followed were nightmarish and traumatic. My mind often wondered where my son was and how I was even breathing  without him. 

During this period, I was introduced to Avatar Meher Baba’s love  and began my spiritual journey  with the help of my mentor Nan Umrigar.

A sudden realization hit me - we are living in a world that is an illusion and life extends beyond this body; the soul is eternal. There exists  a sphere beyond our world which is boundless and beautiful. A place where souls reside which is the real world, the spirit world, and it is within our reach if we try. Our loved ones never really leave us. They are out there to help and guide us. There are ways to reach them.

This book is about how Avatar Meher Baba, my spiritual master healed me and returned my loving son Raghav in his special way.

I am forever holding on to His ‘Daaman’ with  love and obedience.

I surrender to his grace.

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Roochi Srivastava

Roochi lost her son Raghav under  the most unfortunate circumstances. Her world shattered and there was nothing left to live for. She was devastated and her purpose in life was to somehow find Raghav. 

She had lost faith in God until she was introduced to Avatar Meher Baba - the perfect healer.

With His blessings, she was put on the path of spiritual healing. She started to receive lovely messages from Raghav which helped the grieving family survive.

Today, her day begins with a gentle smile as she connects with Raghav through her writing. . 

Her message to the readers is that certain things are beyond one’s control.  Try to accept them and give yourself  a chance to heal.Try and channelize the pain within into something that helps you overcome  it. Treasure the sweet memories of your loved ones and move forward while sustaining your love for them. Always keep them alive in your thoughts and through your actions. 

This book is an attempt from her side to try and provide healing to people who are going through a similar loss. 

Roochi  has surrendered to her Master Avatar Meher Baba and is holding on to His Daaman till the very end.