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Homemade Goodness A Complete Guide to a Healthier, Quicker and Simpler Homemade Food

Author Name: Nivedita Gangay | Format: Paperback | Genre : Cooking, Food & Wine | Other Details

Homemade Goodness is not just a regular cookbook. It is in fact a one-stop shop for everything that you would need in your culinary arsenal – from stocking up your kitchen with the right ingredients to preparing healthier and easier alternatives for some traditional and otherwise not-so-healthy cuisines. Be it putting together lip-smacking dishes in no time or creating a feast on those special occasions, Homemade Goodness has something to offer for everyone.

To top it all, this book outlines basics and techniques that go into creating some of the dishes that are perceived to be the simplest. It also provides an array of essentials for a kitchen, their health benefits and all those make-ahead preparations that would save you time in the kitchen and ensure that you do not compromise on health and quality of food – even on those busiest days.

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Nivedita Gangay

Nivedita Gangay is an India-based management professional who is also an aspiring food connoisseur. 

Her passion for food and her commitment towards creating something tasty, healthy and easy is what sets her apart. She spent more than a decade perfecting her culinary skills and creating recipes that can be replicated and relished by everyone – and all this while she worked on a full-time corporate job.

She has grown up watching her parents whip out excellent delicacies from the simplest of ingredients that has inspired her own unique culinary style. She believes that food is that one common denominator that brings people together – irrespective of the different walks of life they come from. 

She has been sharing recipes through her Instagram and Facebook page since over a year now and this book is her first ever published work.

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