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Homeopathy Nature’s Boon or an Obsolete Myth

Author Name: Somesh Madan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

One would think that the growing years of a Senior ENT Surgeon’s son would be ruled by unnecessary medicines and a sense of superior immunity to most diseases. The same way many people in our world have concluded Homeopathy to be a trick of a novice doctor hitting a bull’s eye in the dark. Not to be biased, that list even includes family relatives and friends of ours. The truth though, is far from it.

This book is a transparent window into my life where I’ve laid bare my real experiences with Homeopathy and how it transcended my life forever. With a brilliant father who has written two bestselling books titled Homeopathy Cures Where Allopathy Fails and Welcome Homeopathy, there was a compelling reason why he decided to substitute Allopathy with Homeopathy much later on in his career. I didn’t realize the depth of that reason until I used medicines prescribed by most other professionals and suffered silently while my symptoms were misdiagnosed. Over the years, I have inherited this knowledge on Homeopathy from my father based on his extensive experience while treating patients with both systems of medicines.

But I’m not here to advice or mislead the reader on which Homeopathy medicine they should take next. Let’s leave that to the professionals and the debating literary geniuses. What you will find in the coming chapters when you read this book is my factual readings about Homeopathy, not just underlining the strengths but the weaknesses as well. The truth after all, is what we all want.


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Somesh Madan

Somesh Madan is a husband and son who was born and brought up in India. Best known for defining trends rather than following them, he made his debut in writing at the tender age of eight. Being the son of a reputed ENT Surgeon who practiced Allopathy for several years before he chose to go into Homeopathy, Somesh has been exposed to the gifts and perils of both the medicine worlds. The idea to share his story came to Somesh two years ago as he wanted not just himself but every reader to benefit from the Homeopathic knowledge that he has inherited from his father over the years. 

                                                                   “It’s not just about the merit,

                                                                         but the ability as well.”

Somesh Madan is an accomplished Digital Writer & Marketer who has been featured in Hindustan Times twice for his impeccable personality. Having lived in four different countries, his eagerness to learn as well as adapt to different cultures is extraordinary itself. He has also equally been active in voicing his concerns for the LGBT Rights Act 377 and Animal Cruelty Petitions since 2013. A self-confessed food enthusiast and fitness addict, his impressive savoir faire never goes unnoticed.