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Hostlers Chain A murder mystery

Author Name: Ritika Agarwal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

At the beginning of the book, the main character is dealing with depression and anxiety, and doesn’t feel like he’ll ever get out of this endless loop of feeling like he doesn’t belong.
Yeah, everyone, myself included, can relate to these feelings. But by the end of the book, he learns how to manage what he’s feeling, make new friends, and knows how to take care of himself without feeling bad about it, which is something a LOT of us are still dealing with.
So, what can this book teach you? That every crappy experience is temporary; and more than that, there are always good days ahead. You journey might not be 200 pages long, but authors who write about life and love know that these things take time, all you need is a little push to help you on the right path.In the year 2017, seven kids came to Gyanalaya College with some dreams in their eyes. However, they never knew that their one mischief could create a hazardous situation for them.

Hostelers Chain is a story that revolves around a hostel in a college of Delhi.

They felt they had choosen a wrong path for their sucess

Welcome to the hostel of 'Hostelers Chain' a novel by Ritika Agarwal

Are you ready for the trip to the hostel? Come let's go!!



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Ritika Agarwal

Words from someone famous touch your heart, it makes having a bad day easier because you realize you're not alone.
When bad things happen to you, no matter how many times you hear people say things like, “I can relate” and “I went through the same thing,” it ALWAYS feels like you’re going at it alone.


Author has tried to convey a message to all those person who gets depressed by an incident and then desponds to live longer. She has tried to encourage them by showing them that sun always rises after dusk.

Ritika Agarwal is a 20 year old girl who enjoys writing, dancing, gardening. She is kind and creative, but can also be rude and impatient.

She is Indian who defines herself as straight. She has a B. Com
 Degree and now she is pursuing D.El.Ed. She is obsessed with pen and paper.

Physically, Ritika Agarwal is in pretty good shape. She has an average-height with fair complexion, copper hair and black eyes.

She belonged to a middle class family. Her parents supported her in every possible way. She is having a sibling too. She has limited friends.

She decided to write her novel in her quarantine period. According to her, it is never too late to follow the path of your dreams. Each ray of sun brings hope, positivity, courage. She just listened her heart, which always encouraged her


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