How an iPhone made me the youngest billionaire

by Kunal Saraff


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

A young teenager, handling peer pressure, criticisms for bad performance and underestimation for past records break the rules and cuts through conventions that lead him to success. Having a drive to create his own kingdom, he gambles against destiny by taking the less-travelled path with his intuitive power and philosophical attitude.

He resorts to various entrepreneurial ventures, fails everything, but keeps moving on with the thought that failure comes to those who deserve something bigger. One of the central themes in this book – when you help others the universe conspires to help you – plays a major role in shaping things. After he fails in all his ventures, the law of karma plays a vital role in reviving him. His previous good deeds, done selflessly, actually help him to revive his failures and get a break through.

He has indeed done something worth writing and written something worth reading!

About the Author

KUNAL is a graduate from New Delhi. During his college days, he began his work with a publication firm, where he wrote books on BBA. Then, he developed a mobile application for senior citizens to make Internet surfing easier for them. He moved to Kolkata and opened an NGO for emergency blood donation and mass awareness of the cause . He is an entrepreneur, social worker and an author, all in one.

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